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2019 Hamel Baseball Registration


Welcome to the 2019 Hamel Baseball Registration!

This registration is for all Hamel Baseball levels.

Teams will be created after coaches are approved and older (9+ year olds) players are evaluated.  The evaluation date is listed below and will be held at the Providence Academy Dome. Once evaluations are complete, coaches will conduct a draft to create the teams.

All 9-year-old players are required to play in the Minor League division; 12-year-old players are required to play in the Major League division. Very few, if any, 10-year-olds will be allowed to play at the Major League division.

It is Hamel Baseball’s desire to have 8 Minor League division and 4 Major League division teams. Based on the evaluations, we may choose to split the levels further to balance the teams and give players of different ability levels the best chance to develop their skills and have a fun, successful season. While Hamel Baseball has always striven to be 'cabin friendly', play at the Major League division is geared to be more competitive and may hold games and practices on Fridays or possibly Sunday nights.

For more information on each division please visit our division landing page with OVERVIEW links for each division by clicking HERE.

This registration session will allow you to sign consents, complete contact information and submit payment. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or checking account information available. Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from SN*HAMEL BASEBALL.

Balanced Play

"It is all about the kids"

The Hamel Athletic Club Board talks about this at every meeting as a core philosophy in which the Hamel program is rooted. It is our desire to provide a program that allows the kids in our community an opportunity to have fun and safely develop their baseball skills. It is our desire to enforce balanced play within the Hamel Baseball organization. 

As players develop and skill levels advance with a wider range of talent across age groups, evaluations are the primary tool the Hamel program uses to enforce this balanced play philosophy. Evaluations start with players entering the Minor League division.

Because of this, once a player reaches the Minor League division, “play with” requests cannot be honored.

Play with Requests

For the Tee Ball, Coach Pitch and Rookie divisions, Hamel Baseball understands the desire to play with friends and classmates. Each season we attempt to accommodate all requests as best we can.

However, sometimes there are circumstances that simply don't allow for all requests to be met — primarily rostering limits.

With that said, each player is allowed up to two "play with" requests. Any additional names listed beyond two will be ignored. Hamel Baseball will make every effort to accommodate the requests but they are not guaranteed.

Minor, Major and above divisions cannot accommodate "play with" requests.


  • Tee Ball is Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Coach Pitch is Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Rookie is Tuesday and Thursday
  • Minors can be Monday through Thursday
  • Majors can be Monday through Thursday (with potential for Friday OR Sunday night)


Please note that Hamel Baseball does not control the weather!

It has been challenging to get our program started over the past couple years due to rainy conditions in April and early May.  The Hamel Athletic Club continues to try and resolve some of the field issues with the city of Medina as all fields are owned and controlled by the city. Tremendous progress has been made in the past two years to improve the fields at Hamel Legion Park.

Little League International as well as the city of Medina has policies in place to protect players from injury and the fields from damage due to the weather.

As in seasons past, the older players will start earlier in the season and the younger players will start once the weather and field conditions are appropriate for the age group. (i.e.. temperature is above 60 degrees and the fields are dry).

Hamel Baseball reserves the right to add or subtract games or practices to the season to accommodate dynamic early season weather conditions. Weekend play could be a possibility if there are a large number of rain-outs.


Since Hamel Baseball is a part of Little League International we are required to select and field All-Star teams based on age groups. At its discretion and based on player availability, Hamel Baseball will invite selected players to participate on a 9–year-old, 10-year-old, 11-year-old, and/or a 12-year-old All-Star team. The Hamel Athletic Club Board will be asking coaches in the Major and Minor League divisions to nominate players to play on an All-Star team.

Parents please note that if your child is invited to play on an All-Star team there is an additional All-Star team fee and the player will be required to attend additional practices and games. Expect the All-Star season to start on or around July 5th and continue through July 20th. 

Hamel Baseball will notify players selected for an All-Star team in early June.

For more information about Hamel's All-Star policy please check our website.


Evaluations will be held at Providence Academy Dome on Sunday, March 17th, 2019.

Times 10:00am-2:00pm

Evaluations will be conducted by a third-party. Parents and coaches will not be allowed into the dome while evaluations are being conducted. Evaluations are an important tool to help ensure that each player is placed on a team that will give them the best opportunity for a fun and successful season. If you are registering for the Minor or Major League division, you should make every effort to have your player attend evaluations.

Only players, evaluators, and evaluation volunteers will be allowed in the dome. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Contact the Hamel Baseball President immediately if you have a substantial reason you are unable to attend evaluations. Contact info is listed at the bottom of this page.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Mike Mohs


Phone: 612-819-5527